Rev. Mary L. Walker

Testimony of Healing

"The healing hands of Mary Walker are a treasured gift from God. I was blessed to meet Mary who treated me with Reiki on the spot.  Immediately I felt heat radiating from her hands and on following treatments I felt energy moving through my body and saw vibrant colors of purple, blue and gold which filled me with great joy!  The pain in my arm from a bad fall left me completely and the pain in my chest has subsided. I've received Reiki from many practitioners over the years but never experienced the heat or energy as I did with Mary." ~NW

"This spring I suffered a devastating injury to my hips and lower spine. I was prescribed treatment with physical therapy several times a week along with pain medicine.  I started reading about alternative health treatments, a friend recommended Reiki.  She knew someone who could help it was Mary.  I called Mary and set up an appointment Mary was kind of enough to come to my home.  The treatment lasted at least an hour which involved Mary placing her hands on the body where the pain was.  At first it was just two warm hands, then you could feel the positive energy and comfort as she performed Reiki.  After the treatment I noticed my back was definitely relaxed. I was able to do more then right before Mary performed Reiki. I am glad Mary was able to give my body a jump start and I certainly feel better because of her Reiki treatments." ~ST

"I have Fibromyalgia and have had treatment with Mary many times.  She was able to ease my pain after the first treatment. Mary is professional and kind.  Mary does one thing that many other providers do not, she listens. Being ill can cause sadness and sometimes you just need a kind ear.  Mary not only teats me but she always listens to me.  Mary lets the energy guide her.  She always knows the places to treat.  Without Mary's treatments and kindness I don't know where I would be today." ~HW






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